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  • 1.-Red-Legged-Honeycreeper-at-Sarapiqui-Eco-Observatory

    Red Legged Honeycreeper at Sarapiqui Eco Observatory

  • 2.-Rufous-Tailed-Hummingbird-at-Tiskita-Reserve

    Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird at Tiskita Reserve

  • 3.-Flock-of-Migratory-Birds-Rancho-Humo-Wetlands

    Flock of Migratory Birds Rancho Humo Wetlands

  • 4.-Birding-Breifing-at-Savegre-Lodge-Reserve-

    Birding Breifing at Savegre Lodge Reserve

  • 5.-Scarlet-Macaws-at-Tiskita-Reserve

    Scarlet Macaws at Tiskita Reserve

  • 6.-Bairds-Trogon-at-Tiskita-Reserve

    Bairds Trogon at Tiskita Reserve

  • 7.-Natural-Waterways-at-Tortuguero-National-Park

    Natural Waterways at Tortuguero National Park

  • 8.-Black-Cheeked-Woodpecker-at-Salve-Verde-Reserve

    Black Cheeked Woodpecker at Salve Verde Reserve

  • 9.-at-Rancho-Humo-Wetlands

    Rancho Humo Wetlands

  • 10.-at-Selva-Verde-Reserve

    Selva Verde Reserve

  • 11.-Shining-Honeycreeper-at-Tiskita-Reserve

    Shining Honeycreeper at Tiskita Reserve

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Highlands & Coastal Rainforest


Away from the hordes of tourists, and into
the lesser traveled Southern Pacific coast, this economical trip will take you to where the birds and wildlife are abundant & unafraid.

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Birds of the Rainforest


This well priced tour introduces birders
to two prime habitats, the Caribbean coastal lowlands, and the interior

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Birding Lodges


Tiskita Jungle Lodge

The best kept secret of the wild and wonderfull south.

Selva Verde Lodge

As one of Costa Rica's legendary birding lodges.

Savegre Lodge

Costa Rican hospitality at its best. The premiere Quetzal spotting location.

Arenal Observatory

Breathtaking volcano views and abundant Bird Life all in one place.

Mawamba Lodge

Rustic & Exotic lodging on the shores of Tortuguero natural waterways.

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Birding Reserves

Sarapiqui Eco Obsy

World class bird watching & nature photography.

Sarapiqui Eco Observatory

San Gerardo de Dota

Highland endemics - species and year round Quetzal watching.

san gerardo de dota

Tortuguero Canals

Costa Ricas little amazon-like system of natural waterways.

tortuguero bird watching

Carara & Tarcoles

Home to the second largest macaw population in Costa Rica.

carara bird watching

Rancho Humo

a sanctuary of migratory and resident birds in the Tempisque river bank.

Rancho Humo Reserve

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